Social media is part and parcel of everyone’s life today as technology becomes an integral part of modern society. We have seen social media emerge as an essential medium in all aspects from daily life to business development. Livestreaming is a cost-effective tool vital in increasing audience engagement through real-time interaction. In this talk, the audience will walk away with practical knowledge in effectively utilising social media and livestreaming to heighten engagement and build meaningful connections with an efficient call to action.

Talk conducted in English.

如今,社交媒体是每個人日常生活中不可或缺的一部分。 我們见证了社交媒体在我們的生活中 - 无论是日常生活或者是工作上,都是很重要的媒介。 网路直播也成为了通过实时互动增加观众参与度最具成本效益的工具。 在这次的演讲中,观众将会带走对于有效利用社交媒体与直播提高参与度、建立有意义关系,以及有效的号召性用语之类的实践知识。



讲座:社交媒体与直播的力量 The Power of Social Media and Live Stream (Conducted in English)

地点:百胜楼广场舞台 Bras Basah Complex Concourse Main Stage, 231 Bain Street, Singapore 180231